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Stein Mek.Verksted AS is a mechanical workshop located in Høgsfjord, near Stavanger, Norway.

The company was founded in 1891 as a boat builder's yard and has gradually developed into today's business.

Today, the business includes varying mechanical work and maintenance on equipment, boats and North-Sea barges.

We also have facilities for indoor work, fitted with the equipment and tools of the trade. Our slipway can be used in- and outdoors and holds wessels up to 50'.

Stein Mek. Verksted A/S er en mekanisk bedrift beliggende i Høgsfjorden. Vår hovedbeskjeftigelse er opplag, reparasjoner og vedlikehold av nordsjølektere.

Vi har også en godt utstyrt verkstedhall og en slipp hvor vi kan ta båter inntil 50', med muligheter for å ta båtene inn i hall.

Bedriften ble startet i 1891 som båtbyggeri og har utviklet seg videre frem til dagens virksomhet.



Repair and maintenance

  • Machines

  • Engines

  • Pumps

  • Hydraulics



  • Steel

  • Aluminium

  • Welding

  • CNC Plasma cutting



  • Boat slipway

  • Electric

  • Service

  • Repair

Surface treatment

  • Sandblasting

  • Shotblasting

  • Paint

Our facilities consist of office, store and workshop, in total approx. 1000m2 and outdoor areas. We have storage space for North-Sea barges and our facilities includes drive ramp for easy access for forklifts, crane etc.
For assistance at barge arrival and departure we have two small tugs.

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About SteinMek
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It all started in 1891, when Syvert (Olsen) Stein took over the farm from his father-in-law, and started to build wooden fishing boats. From 1914 one started to build fishing boats for engines.

Slipway and sawmill were built in the years from 1936 till 1942. New slipway was ready for use in 1995, and it can take boats up to 50'.

At the beginning of the 1970's, our occupation started to become more mechanical, and this became more dominating as the time went by.

Autumn 1976 brought us the first barge.

At the beginning we were asked for lay-up berths, but very soon we were asked if we could do various repair works.

The situation has changed over the years, from a small boathouse in 1891 to a 330 square meters workshop in 1973, and a new 611 square meters workshop in 1992.


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